3 Ways to Become a SendinBlue Affiliate and Earn Money!

SendinBlue is an email marketing platform that helps businesses reach their customers effectively with personalized emails. As a third party affiliate, you can help SendinBlue grow by referring potential customers to their service and creating your own referral link in return for commission. SendinBlue affiliate program is free and easy to join, but you need to hurry because the signup period ends soon! Once you’ve signed up, here are three ways to become a SendinBlue affiliate and earn commission.

SendinBlue Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you earn a commission for referring customers to SendinBlue. This is the most common type of affiliate program and applies to almost all businesses. The amount you earn per sale depends on your affiliate tier, which is determined by how many sales you refer. You’ll start at affiliate tier 1 and can advance to higher tiers by meeting certain criteria. You can increase your earnings by referring more customers and earning a higher affiliate tier! Affiliate program terms change regularly, so check SendinBlue’s website for the latest information.

SendinBlue Referral Program

As a referral, you get paid when someone who signs up through your referral link cancels their account. This type of program is often used by business-to-consumer companies that sell subscriptions. Customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time, so referral programs are a great way to ensure they are satisfied with the service and are unlikely to cancel. In exchange for the guarantee that customers will not cancel, companies offering a referral program pay affiliates a higher percentage of commission. Referral program terms vary, so make sure you read SendinBlue’s guidelines for their program before creating a referral link.

SendinBlue Partners Program

As a partner, you get special access to pre-built SendinBlue tools that help you boost your affiliate or referral sales. Partners benefit from enhanced communication with SendinBlue support and marketing staff as well as other benefits. As a partner, you also get to choose your own partner tier. Partner tiers are typically higher than affiliate tiers and offer even higher commission percentages.

Earn Commission with SendinBlue’s Paid Services

Beyond earning a commission for your sales, you can earn even more by choosing to promote one of SendinBlue’s paid services. You can promote any of the following services to earn additional commission: 

– SendinBlue newsletters: Simply integrate SendinBlue’s newsletters into your email marketing campaigns. 

– SendinBlue landing pages: Create a custom landing page that optimizes your existing campaigns and captures leads. 

– SendinBlue CRM: Use this CRM to create and manage personalized campaigns for your customers. 

– SendinBlue Actionable Insights: Boost your email marketing campaigns with AI-powered analysis.



Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to earn money online. When picking an affiliate program, make sure it’s a good fit with your audience and that you understand the terms and conditions. The best way to ensure success with affiliate marketing is to share helpful content with your audience. By informing them about the benefits of your product and showing them how they can use it, you’ll be more likely to earn their trust and make a sale. Sign up TODAY!